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Actor Gurdeep Kohli coming back in ZEE TV’s new show “Sethji”

ZEE TV recently launched its early primetime show Sethji, that airs Monday to Friday at 7PM. The show brings to you an intriguing story of a unique village – Devsu, that runs on its own set of rules and principles.

Detached from the rest of the world, Devsu considers its borders sacred and is far away from corruption, temptation and dishonesty.

The show highlights that as we move swiftly towards a modern and digitalized India, there exists a Bharat that is devoid of even basic signs of urban development like concrete roads, cars, electricity, comfort utilities, ATMs or mobile networks and yet is a happy, self-sufficient world.

Zee TV’s Sethji raises a question – Can the ‘aadarshon waala Bharat’ and the ‘Pragati wala India’ take cues from each other, match each other step-for-step and walk towards a Utopian state that combines the best of both worlds? #IndiaBhiBharatBhi

The village Devsu, where the story unfolds, draws its rooted yet progressive personality from its feisty, 38-year-old leader, Sethji, a staunch traditionalist and a woman of substance who is a perfect blend of autocratic power and sensitivity.

Sethji rules Devsu with an iron hand and at the same time, is devoted to her equally important roles of being a loving mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Essaying the author-backed role of Sethji is the talented and pretty actor Gurdeep Kohli who returned with a fiction show after 2 years.

What will transpire when a 21st century city girl Pragati, the advocate of modernization and technology enters Devsu and comes face to face with Sethji, one deeply rooted in traditions and old world ways?

What will happen when she not just enters Sethji’s sacred terrain but also falls in love with her innocent, simpleton son Baaji Rao? Will Sethji accept their relationship?

Gurdeep Kohli is a seasoned actor who’s donned multiple hats within the world of television, ranging from anchoring to dance reality shows to exhibiting her culinary skills on a cooking reality show.

Promoting the show in Delhi, Gurdeep Kohli shared, “I am really excited about my comeback on a fiction show after 2 years and on ZEE TV after 7 years. Sethji is a very strong character and I am sure it will make an in impact.

Ahilya Devi also known as Sethji, is a strong woman. Ahilya takes over as the new ‘Seth Ji’ of the village after the death of her husband. She stands up to her new responsibilities and takes care of her family and the village.

She is addressed as Seth Ji by one and all, and is the epitome of justice for the villagers who love & respect her for her decisions. Sethji is an upholder of the traditions of the past and detests changes.

It is a character bound to question stereotypes and dispel myths about how strong women are depicted on television. It’s just been a little over a week since the show’s launch, but the response that all of us are getting is just amazing.

People are loving the concept, the story and even my elaborate look.’’ She added, “I’m excited to be in Delhi to promote my show as this is also my husband’s hometown and I thoroughly enjoy gorging on the scrumptious chaats here.”

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